Malibu Resident Crafts Jewelry From Love 

May 6, 2015 --  Malibu resident Tova Fagan said jewelry design came to her on her birthday eight years ago in Las Vegas.  “I was celebrating with my family when we walked by a particular shop with a bracelet in the window,” she said.  The bracelet transfixed Fagan with its thoughtfully beaded pattern and a diamond charm dangling from its center. Its only off-putting component was the “ginormous” sum of money scrawled on its price tag.

Camille Grammer
Wearing Tova Malibu Opal Diamond Cluster necklace,
Dianne Burnett
The necklace Dianne is wearing is a one of a kind amazonite diamond necklace. The bracelet she's wearing is a diamond moonstone wrap bracelet.
Brooke Burke
The necklace Brooke is wearing is a diamond "peace out" necklace. The bracelets Brooke is wearing are Riverstone neutrals.